Top ways to earn Money in 2020 (Part:1)

Most of you have been bored and some of them enjoying this quality time ,there are many ways to earn online ,some of which are very easy to do and some mind cracking. So here are the ways and tricks you can use to earn money online in 2020 :

1) Instagram Influencer: Instagram influencing is one of the most trending passive income way .Many brands pay as much as $10-$1000 for a single post with their services or products. You can grab your free instagram growth e-book(PDF) for influencer marketing by registering on instagramgrowth for free.
2) Online surveys: You can earn by taking various surveys based on the products you use or various services. There are many websites providing you the opportunity to earn moeny,giftcards,etc for taking online surveys such as viewpointpanel , toluna , onepoll
3) Tasks: You can do various tasks such as watch videos,play games,surveys,etc. This is provided by the app/website known as swagbucks . It is very reliable and is voted one of the best for earning money online and has gt great customer reviews.
4)Facebook Monetization: If you have a facebook page with 10k follwers or sometimes even less & watch time of your videos are more than 30,000 1-min views and that are at least three minutes long.
5) Starting a Website: You can start a blog website for free from wix blogger and share your personal,travel,lifestyle knowledge and choose your niche such as travelblogger, personalblogger, lifestyleblogger, fashionblogger. And then if your website views go above 2k/month then you can place google ads on your website and start earning.

6) Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a trending way of earning passive income online. It means that an affiliate(you) earns a commission for marketing or making sale of another company's product or service. You can use your wesbite, social media accounts,etc. Shareasale Amazonaffilaite Ebay are one of the major affilate programmes.

7)PPC Programmes: Pay Per Click Program(PPC) is the one where you get paid when someone clicks the link on your social media or website. You can withdraw your money after a certain amount has been earned by you. Top ppc programmes are revenuehits,bidvertiser, skimlinks.

8)Youtube chanel: Start a youtube channel and upload productive or comedy videos and once your channel reaches 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time you can monetize your youtube channel..Then you earn $7 for 1k views.You can also collaborate with brands and promote their service/products for either product or payroll.
9) Freelancing: You can become a freelancer and work according to your passion. You can work for companies according to your skills such as graphic designer, data entry , social media manager,etc. Best websites for freelancing are upwork freelancer etc .
10)Testing Websites: You heard it right! People pay you for testing and surveying their websites and they like to hear your thoughts on their websites.For an instance they can pay $10 for 20 mins or even more using usertesting
The Next part will be out soon .Comment down and tell me did you like it or not ,feedbacks,queries,etc.

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