Things to do during the quarantine

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Hello Guys! most of ya'll must be bored and have been pissed off during this time of lockdown .We have to obey the rules and regulations as it is for our own benefit. So I'll suggest you some ways that you can do to make your quarantine productive. Thanks to online resources, there’s actually a ton of things to do indoors nowadays, from coloring to taking yoga classes, to learning computer coding, knitting, and everything in between.

1)Learn any one instrument 

In this time learning an instrument may be soothing or worth your time investing in it. Instruments like Guitar,keyboards,Harmonium, Cajon,etc. You can Get Free music lessons in Artistwork

2) Doing Regular workout 

You can workout and keep your body fit and in shape. You can check out different workout lessons during quarantine in here Bodywork 3)Learn easy free coding 

You can learn coding easily and free with   Khanacademy . It’s easy just sign up and start learning and hone your skills.

4) Learning various online courses 

You can learn various online courses and strengthen your skills or resumé . You can learn more than 1350+ courses online with some courses provided with certificates in Alison. If you want to learn courses with guranteed internship & doubt clearing sessions then you can head to Interntheory and you can avail 30% discount using code- 9152116462  5) Start blogging  You can start blogging you own thoughts ,reviews,poems,etc You can even earn too while blogging . For more information turn to Guide

6) Watch English Movies

You can Download any english movies of high quality old or latest from yts and enjoy.

7)Learn foreign languages

You can learn any foreign language easily and most importantly for free. Duolingo provides you free fun learning opportunity for learning any language you want to.

8) Learn digital marketing 

You can learn digital marketing course  from DIGITAL for free of cost. It as a skill which is trending 

in the present time.

9) Make yummy dish

You can  make Yummy and delicious foods from simple to mind cracking one's. You just have to tune into recipies and you will get all the recipes you want to. 

10) Meditate

Meditation is one of the key to success. If you meditate at least for 20 mins per day you will be able to improve your concentration, focus and breathe out your stress,etc.Tune into  meditate for more knowledge.

11)Family time

Play board games with your family,spend much as time you can with them as you have got a golden opportunity to connect with them more and share your feelings. Initially and lastly family is what matters and stays .

12) Calligraphy

You can learn calligraphy as it is a rising skill people are tending to learn .You can tune into calligraphy for honing this skill right from the beggining.

13) Stock market 

You can learn about the stock market and maybe start trading maybe. It stockmarket will provide you with free basics of trading in and out.


14) Motivate yourself 

Get motivation in your life to do new things and hustle.

See videos of eric thomas , sandeep maheshwari . See movies like super30 .

15) Discipline your life

You have got a golden opportunity to discipline your life during this period.You can wake up early,workout,

read different books,learn a new skill but privately,get a side hustle buddy.

16) Help Your Mom/Wife

You should help your mom/wife by helping them with their household chores,cleaning utensils,cooking,etc.This will relief them to peace and the surrounding and atmosphere at home will be peaceful and loving which is good for the society.

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