Warning From The Nature! Corona- a Boon or Bane

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The World seems to be going through a rough patch due to #Covid19 . More than 20 Lakh people have been affected throughout the world. Is the nature trying to tell us something ? Is it something to be scared of or find out what the nature's trying to convey through this disease. It may be very difficult for us to stay at home straight for 50 days but it is our prime duty to follow the #lockdown. After the lockdown many things have changed for all of us .The world economy is surely gonna collapse and face double recession. As everything has its pros and cons so does corona virus. Every coin has two sides-good as well as bad . Just as Technology has good side in easing human life and sinful side of creating destruction. This disease has taught us that nothing is permanent in life and death is the hardful truth. At last it 's our home and our family which matters to us in the long run. It has made us realize that we were and we are using the nature carelessly,seamlessly and recklessly. It has taught,realize and made us think of the harm we are actually doing to our na

ture .Is it that nature is trying to take revenge or just gave us a sheer warning.The average pollution level got decreased from hazardous to unhealthy and moderate in many parts of the world after the lockdown commenced which proves to be beneficial for us. The lockdown has given us many opportunities like bonding with our family and spend some quality time together,This is a lifetime opportunity provided to us .In this very time we got to know our hidden talents of cooking,writing,dancing,singing ,etc. The cities which are filled with pollution,people,noises,traffics have suddenly become bird friendly. From few days I get to see few sparrows and pigeon in the balcony of my flat which I never saw in last few years. My father tries to feed them with some rice and grains,the scenario is wonderful and peaceful in the morning with all non melodious yet pleasant chirping of the birds.During the lockdown we should keep contact with our knowns and analyze their wellbeing and condition and try to help them if they're in any crisis.

Animals are coming out of their den and roaming in the streets which is a quite mesmerizing view and also dangerous at the same time.Check out animals to see the beautiful video. Significantly, the nature has really made us think to change our lifestyles and adapt according to natural friendly style. For Ex. We should Change our preference of vehicles from Petrol,Diseal to Electric car which is nature and cost freindly.

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